Letter 2 My Son

God brought us together and gave us our bond
and that means for life, til' the day that I'm gone,
It didn't work out with me and your mum
but that doesn't mean that your daddy is gone,
You got to stay strong cause your heart knows the truth
that your daddy's still here and that daddy loves you,
And daddy would do anything to be there
to be right by your side and to show you he cares,
There isn't a day that I don't picture your face
picture your smile and long to feel your embrace,
My daily prayers to God, is that He comforts you
that He guides you through life and all the things I can't do,
Like be there for you whether you're happy or sad
but most of all that I pray
that your heart's not breaking like dad's,
None of this is your fault
what happened between me and your mother
I'm so sorry you got invloved
I'm so sorry you had to suffer,
Remember that you're never alone
and that i'll always be there
If you say that you need me
then daddy'll be there,
I'll never give up on you and wait as long as it takes
to right all my wrongs
or just have a glimpse of your face,
Nobody can take from us
a God given bond
cause God gave you a father
and God gave me a son.

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This Poems Story

This poem that I wrote is a true story of a part of my life, what I'm currently going through now after the break up of me and my partner. My ex partner hasn't been dealing with our break up well and has recently completely cut me out of our sons life, with no contact at all and has left me with a broken heart, longing to be apart of his life again. This poem is my heart and thoughts on paper.