Letter from Camp

Dear Mama and Papa
I miss you
I look up at the moon, mama
Like you said
But when I speak to it,
You don’t speak back
You don’t tell me you love me back
You told me you would Mama
Papa, I hugged you last night
And you too, mama
So tight
But then I woke up
And I was sad.
I started to cry
And it started to rain
But then I remembered
That you’re coming back
When are you coming back?
I told you your showers are too long
Too long, mommy
I miss you, mommy.
But don’t worry
I feel stinky
So they’re taking me to the showers soon
So I’ll get to see you
And mama, I’ll get to hug you
I’ll get to kiss you
It won’t rain
And I won’t cry
I’ll hug you for so long
So tight
I miss you, mama, papa
And I love you
I’ll see you soon. Tomorrow

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