Letter from God

You've taken me out of your government,
you've taken me out of your schools,
I really hate to say it,
but you're all a bunch of fools.
Your own people have turned against you,
you fight among yourselves,
I've written a book to help you,
but it sits upon your shelves.
Outsiders now attack you,
and there's threat of war,
many lives have already been taken,
but there will be much more.
You've thrown me out of your lives
on a daily basis,
look around you now,
so many tears on so many faces.
Now in your time of trouble,
you ask me to step in,
because with me by your side,
you're always sure to win.
I will be there as promised,
ask and you shall receive,
this is my written promise,
and my word you can believe.
I'll leave you with this message
and by now I hope you know,
remember this always,
you reap what you sow.
Love, God

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