Letter to a Friend (Hosp. Letter)

Hello it's me again.
I'm not doing much, just planning my end.
Bothering busy God I couldn't possibly do,
So ,instead with my problem, I decided to bother you.

You are my best friend right?
If that's true why put up a fight?
I always ask the same request.
If you'd comply I'd be less of a pest.

Help me make my dear one mine.
Then you'll be rid of my constant whines.
I know he has no other in mind.
Would you please stop wasting both our time?

I've written of his quirks and quips
his pros and cons and every little tiff.
After all these notes I've poured out to you,
My dying request you still refuse!

I'm sorry I'm not being very kind
but I really am out of time.
You probably haven't even figured out his name
Since I'll soon be gone... He is you. Your one in the same.

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