Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend,
You are too far too reach,
Too deep, dug beneath.
But if the spirits do me a favour,
And take my words to you-
I wish to tell you -
It is a blessing, indeed,
To have had a friend like you.
Far away yet so near -
Constant, true and dear.
All need a shoulder- to rest their head
I did too: I found you.
You could buy just crumbs,
Yet you gave me the bread.
Friendship indeed! Care, trust and faith.
With you in mind -
Glory of gold simply fades.
With you I laughed and cried as well,
To you I told all my secrets.
But to my regret -
I couldn't bid you 'farewell' .
But here we are-
Apart in our ways,
Close in our hearts.
Goodbye, Friend!
Yours always.

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