Letter to God

Love hurts
How could it be
This questionable feeling hurts way worst then scraping your knee
Oh god, why me?
Heart shattered like broken glass
Can I ask.. why?
Why?! Does this hurt so deep?
Why does it disturb my sleep?!
And why do feel so broken and lost..
Is this just what love costs?
If so I can't afford it anymore.
Love left me broke..

It took but never gave
It borrowed but never returned.
Love left me in the cold and watched me freeze!
So No ! I am not at ease, and no !
I am not ok. I feel as if I could barely make it through the day.
But you , you know why this happens
You let love demolish my entire mind, heart, and soul
You took away what I thought would love me for all eternity.
So what now. What do you have planned?
Will u mend my broken heart and heal my wounds that love gave to me?
So many questions..
Will you answer?

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