Letter to his Ex

I know you don't know me and I don't know you,
But there's couple things I feel the need to say to you.
First things first, I think your trash and I'm sorry he had to endure you in his past.
6 yrs. he wasted on a cheater like you thanks I guess I do owe yu.
Kept him on lock for me. I’m faithful so I know we can make this last.
I can’t believe that in so much time you never realized what you had.
A man that plays no games, tells no lies and stays true?
A thinker, intelligent and superfly too?
Girl, yu must've been born blind to let something this good go,
Should’ve known from the jump off yu were just a ho.
Yu broke his heart about a million times over.
Glad you had the common sense to step to the side for a real woman like Chola.
See, with me he'll do better than just "good enough"
Cause I can keep him happy even when it gets rough.
Just to think of you can make me sick
Wondering how many guys in this town you can tell the different flavors of they dicks.
Whoa chick.
I’m sorry I get carried away no harm done I didn’t mean to offend
But I only speak truth cause with lies there’s no end...

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