Letter to My Lover’s Heart

Dear Lover's heart. I envy you.
My attempts to claim her love are in vain.
For only to you does she stay true.
On the boundaries of her emotion do I remain.

How much longer will you tease?
Relinquishing bits of her only to pull them back.
Can't you see I am to please?
I demand to know the qualities I lack!

My intention is not to steal her from you.
I'm simply asking for inclusion.
To her and to you, I vow to stay true.
Share your thoughts; I'm growing tired of exclusion.

You have put me to the test
I've survived trials and tribulations.
Yet you still protest.
Don't hold me at fault for others' transgressions.

Battling your selfishness, I present a risky proposal.
Access to my own doubtful heart and its fragility.
The ultimate sacrifice at your disposal.
Would this gesture persuade the ability?

To try

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