Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear child of mine, how I think of you so much
And how I used to love rubbing your mothers stomach
I would dream of your face every single night
Getting excited, couldnt sleep, so I get up and write
But now Im crying while I write
Knowing now that you'll never enjoy life
Knowing now that you won't read this letter
Just the thought of it makes my eyes wetter
I had names picked out even started building your crib
Just trying to do talk the little things my father never did
Would find myself day dreaming on what gender you would be
But not wanting to know because I like surprises you see
I'd ask myself questions like would I be a good father to my son
Keep him in school and away from drugs and guns
Questions like would I be good if I had a daughter
Because the most important man in a girls life is her father
I would wonder sometimes who you would favor more
And then not caring because you, we both would adore
There will always be a special place in my heart for you my child
And on my face you will live through my smile
You will always be the best thing I never had
And I'll always love you...Signed Dad

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