Letter to My Young Self

For the web of lies I told
I'm sorry for the ones I hurt
Im sorry for those who hurt me
For I was young
Myself I was trying to mold
Of all the stress of my young life
I sought all the men and I thought
I just might
the mistress
the whore
the heartbreaker
the abuse
I ran around and ran around and did it again
My mind was in the ''just because '' mode
Forgiveness I did not seek, I know that I should
Myself I was not very meek'
Knowing I should stop
In my mind then I thought not

You see, wise I was not,
Thought I could hide the pain of the past
Underneath a man
I had learned and lost a lot.
However I had gained so much because of my past
Self-respect I had gained.
Learning how to love I gained
Learning who I really am.

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