Letter to Myself

Hope, have faith but lead not an illusion
Excessive kindness is naivety
To keep balance is life's resolution
Accept reality in rarity
Excessive knowledge is inimical
Innocence partition us an outcast
But indiff'rent views cause thoughts cynical
Exists a time to laugh and cry what's past
Because nothing is ever black and white
Certainty is unattainable; when
Life is grey in between darkness and light
Do not envy the ways of other men
Strive to be different, be more than one
Realist or fantasist, you are none

Love liberally but moderately
Give loyalty not your identity
Same heart, same soul but live separately
Do not be the person others pity
Love is not a pleasure done at leisure
Through calm and rough seas ensure he's the same
Tis tolerance that's a man's true measure
Did you know yourself well before he came?

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