“Letter To The Daughters of Eve”

By Binlayo   

Dear Daughters of Eve,
I wish you were bearded
To know the pains I bear,
The smiles I fake,
The risks I take,
All for you.

You think
All I want is to prick you.
Come on, pick up your senses!

I'm not monied,
I don't know
If I'll ever be,
And I'm not worried.

I thought emotions
Are not for sale,
Why are you advertising them?

Dear Daughters of Eve,
I saw
Men queueing for your heart.
Oh, I wish to join the queue
But, your heart is tasteless.

Dear Daughters of Eve,
If the face you bake
And ice like a cake
Is your heart,
I'll lead the queue.

The pitfall of the man
I became
Was driven by your words.

Dear Daughters of Eve,
If your words are arrows,
My ears are shields.
Say 'hem
I am not bothered.

Dear Daughters of Eve,
Did I tell you
I met one of you,
Who told me to take
The rest of you
As an ex plan that deserves
No explanation?

Dear Daughters of Eve,
When you left me
In emotional hunger,
My Brother, Jay Shetty
Fed me with these words,
'Sometimes we've been exploited,
Sometimes our loyalty has been tested,
And that's why forgiveness doesn't
Excuse the behaviour,
But it prevents the behaviour
From negatively affecting us.'

Dear Daughters of Eve,
Loving me
Is not compulsory,
But very necessary.

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