Letting go

She wanted to be there for people the way she needed someone to be there for her. God placed someone in her life to give her just that. She was too damn blind, at first, to see it. She was speeding nowhere fast. She knew she needed to slow down because she was missing so much. She knew who she was and who she wanted to be. Her heart never changed. So, why was life not enjoyable? Survival. Her own happiness was at large. Her actions and thoughts were not aligned with her soul full of pure intentions. She destroyed herself, causing a lot of pain for herself and others by unintentionally taking something from almost everyone she contacted. Or established some connection. What she didn't see in herself, someone else did. What they didn't see in themselves, she did. The ones that she did not taint, even those she did, persevered. GRIT. So, in the end, does it even matter where we come from or who we are? Yes, but what really matters is how we are remembered, treat others, and allow ourselves to be treated. She is still saving herself as we speak to thank GOD and help others save themselves. God is so good. All the time. Now, let go..........

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