Letting Go

When you take life for granted or even those things inside
Your emotions, your feelings will unveil their dark sides
Even if pure of heart sometimes the temptation is too much to amount
What you think is what you need just falls short of the three-count
The cover seems perfect but reading the story becomes a chore
You realize this isn't right, the "right" has gone out the door
Memories can persist but maybe that's all there will ever be
It's a form of window shopping where you can't touch but you can see
What's the worse torture; seeing what you use to have fade away?
Or staying there and at least trying but fail anyway?
Luther Vandross said it best in his song "Can I Take You Out Tonight"
The lines I'm about to recite are so true and so right
"Don't care if I get rejected, at least then I won't regret it"
"Regret the fact that I missed the chance for romance at least"
"I walk away knowing, I tried my best and i'm going"
"I'm going on with my day, cause at least she heard me say.."
That whole first verse represents a side from both views
Even if one wasn't fully carried out, it had the chance to execute
I'm not sure what road you might decide to pursue
Just I won't be there in the form you might have thought through
Feelings come and go, memories can remain
Passion can die or grow, people can easily change
Love is like a 13-hand spade game, never knowing what will play next
It never matters until your're and the game gives you a set
Why does the water runs dry or we let go at the end of the road?
I guess not every fairy tale ends happily ever after as they are told

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