Letting Go

Behind your shadow, I stood and did fall.
It was a tough battle, In which I felt so small.
yes, you did notice me, every once and while,
but an ocean of tears, hid behind my smile.
you moved me far away, and it made me cry.
now every night I think, of how my life could've been,
tears run down my face, and my world starts to spin.
It took me time to realize, what you did to me,
tears in my eyes, and your clueless it seems.
I try to be brave, it really hurts,
you could've gave me away sooner, instead of making it worse.
you ruined me, you made me cry,
you really hurt me, and to laugh I try.
There was a hole in my heart,the doctor's didn't see.
I guess they didn't see, what my mommy did to me.
When I screamed for you, did you hear a sound?
I guess you didn't, because you were never around.
tormented, trapped and torn, my heart says I feel,
seven years after I was born, you just gave me away
but the greatest thing that has happened in my life
you did teach me.......To just stop caring
Caring how it made you feel -feelings that were never real.
I love you.that will always be
But I am walking away
and this i feel is true
i know now that i dont have to like you!

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