Letting go

Laughter, joy, cheerful hope
Pain, sorrow, sadness
Time to let go
Moving on is the hardest to do
Years of crying and heartache
You put me through
Memories, old and new
Good times and bad
We learn from years of mistakes
If not, we go on in life
Full of countless heart aches
So many years you were my everything,
I thought without you, I’d surely die;
A thousands dreams of moments
With you, time stood still and my life
Was filled with happiness to wake
Up to them only being a lie
Take me, embrace me
Show me love
That’s all I asked of you
Loving you were more than
Words, it was my actions with
Caring for you I showed;
Time to move on,
Time to let go
You captured my heart and held
It tight, you made me feel special
You had me believing you were
My Mr. Right …
Boy was I let down and full of despair;
I will overcome, I will rise above this
There is someone out there worthy
Of my love and my life they will share
I will go on and never look back
You’ll never know what you could have had,
Time to say goodbye and put the past
Where it belongs, I’m moving on although
My steps are slow, I’m at peace now
Letting go

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