Letting Go

The things my heart always felt, but my head chose to forget
The lump that remains in my throat moves within my neck
Dissolving every tear of mine till fear is all that's left
My stomach is left to churn with sorrow and regret
There is numbness in my cheeks and my hands are icy cold
I can't seem to feel a thing and repeating days get old
Running becomes pointless when there's nowhere left to hide
And this feeling in my bones I'll carry with me till I die
You can read it on my face if you see the emptiness in my eyes
Counting backwards is the clock, moving forward is the time
Somewhere between the hours and minutes I seemed to escape my mind
And when I returned to the present day I found myself stuck on rewind
To a time and place when my eyes still glistened
And repeating days seemed new
When being loved meant loving others and life could start anew
When a disastrous strike meant bonding together
And being alone still meant being with you
The purity that once filled my hands is slipping through my fingers
And as it blows with the wind I wish that it would linger
Memories that once escaped my head meet me in the morning
As they crawl into my bed I feel my heart start burning
Who I was, is not who I am
Nor is it who I will be
But where I was is where I was going
So now there is nothing left to see
My hopes and dreams abandoned and shattered
By no one other than me

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