Letting Go

There is a hole
A hole upon my chest
Upon my cavity that swallows up my heart
Like a kickstart, a shock to my brain
After the news I heard that day, it started eating away
It's hard, you see
Living with a sinkhole that erodes the ground underneath
I don't know if I'm supposed to be angry or grieve
But let me tell you, I do feel instability
I am on shaky ground, because it's starting to give way
It's caving in
Being swallowed up just like the cries I choke back,
Because I can't stop bottling up
Knowing you was my luck
But I wish I lost the memory
Because trying to remember you back to life...
It's like running on water
With each step, the ropes tied to my ankles get tighter
These snake-like nooses are caught at my feet
I beg of you to hang me by my hands
Let me feel familiarity because my hands have been tied
Much like yours, this year has been foreign
I've felt so lonely; being haunted by a memory
It's time to rid my room of the spirit that grows
I'm not forgetting you, Steven; I'm letting go

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