Letting Go

With my family’s eyes, we watched,
The aftermath of a majestic beast struck down beside the road,
Its horned proud lover, companion, season mate heartbroken.
For she lies there instead not running from danger,
He nudges, licks, and bumps to stir her from her death trance,
But all for not as her life has left this earth.
A mighty buck lost and alone on the side of the road,
His soul hoping for a movement or a single breath,
He, confused and crushed, sits in the grass beside his heart.
Hours go by and there they lay next to each other,
The doe an empty shell that wishes she could join her love,
the buck that cannot accept that she will never return to him.
Knowing he has to leave her but not finding the strength,
The buck sits beside the cousins of the motorized murderer,
Not ready to move on and wander the woods alone.
Acceptance finally comes alive inside the buck,
He gains the strength to stand and rises,
With one last look, hope, prayer
He pauses but all left unanswered
And there he walked into the wood
Forever leaving his love and his heart.

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