Letting go

Letting go is such a hard thing to do,
Almost impossible like stopping the sky from turning blue.

How does one forget a painful scar?
The wound is healed but the pain is never to far.

Does time really heal all the sorrow and pain?
Or will it linger and still feel the same.

Time slows down for no one except for broken people;
Days turn into months and months into years,
Happiness into sorrow and sorrow into fears.

How does one let go of the unforgettable?
How does one breathe again?
Like everyone...pretend.

Advice is given like it is an easy task,
To remove the pain; to remove the mask.

Letting go the way snowflakes fall to the snow,
The way you lose a friend who is now a foe.

Please tell me how does one let go?
I guess from accepting that it happened and from there we try to grow.

How does one let go?
If we do not try we will never know.

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