Letting You Go

How does one escape their own mind,
Memories seem to draw blood.
Praying that she could just leave her brain behind,
A few drops now a flood.

Nobody seems to understand the pain,
A heart full of sorrows without a cure.
Reflections asking her if she is insane,
She thought this bubble was forever pure.

Smiles fade, she is now aware,
Empty promises yet seemed so full.
Desperate for that sweet life without a care,
Strings of a heart, oh so easy to pull.

A bubble has popped without a sound,
A switch flicked without a peep.
Everything she has known disappearing through cracks in the ground
Who knew simple words could cut so deep.

They couldn't make out her choked cries for help,
If only they understood silence.
The words stuck on her tongue when she tried to scream or yelp,
She turned that pain into mental violence.

Now here I stand; you ask me to stay,
But unfortunately I am forced to say no.
Nothing in this world could possibly hurt worse,
Than letting you go.

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