Letting You Go

Time to let go of you and the past,
It was fun then and there, but it could never last.
I felt the sweet touch of your lips against mine,
But it was just a game and a race against time.
We felt passion so deep and the flames burned red hot,
But let’s stop pretending it's something it's not.
Believe me I felt the same things as you
I felt love growing inside of me too.
But then you were gone never to return
Ashes in the wind like a photo that's burned.
I take with me your memory for that’s all that you left
And with you my heart what a treacherous theft.
I still picture the passion, I still feel the heat
But the pain that I feel has got it all beat.
I'm letting you go now, time to let my heart heal
In hopes that one day again I’ll be able to feel.
Under the moon my tears turn to silver
And the cold seeps in as my body quivers
I thought passion would linger and love never dies
But I found the truth in all of your lies
I will wait no longer, no more silvery tears
I'm letting go of you now living life without fear.

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