Level Depression

Congrats on reaching level depression!

It only gets worse from here.

First you’ll start to hide away.

Than you’ll live in fear.

You’ll push away your family.

And make new friends in blades.

You’ll take the world on absently.

And build up a facade.

Sleep will become foreign.

Your hunger and thirst will cease.

The dark thoughts will come roaring.

And you’ll never be at peace.

You’ll almost always force a smile.

Though sometimes, true happiness returns.

You and your energy will reconcile.

Until the monsters inside begin to yearn.

You’ll start to slip back down that road.

Of hopelessness and tears.

Your body will internally explode.

Even after all these persistent years.

You think it might get better.

But there’s no time for delays.

You shakily write your letter.

And this is what it says.

“ When I was a young adolescent.

I was told many things.

My grandmother taught me to treat people pleasant.

And good is what that’d bring.

But her statement was false.

It resulted in misery and pain.

It gave me many faults.

And has driven me insane.

The kids at school hate my guts.

My parents never cared.

My body is covered in cuts.

And for a long time I’ve been scared.

But that fear no longer exists.

And I’m ready to escape this life.

So to whoever reading this.

I’m not sorry, and goodbye. ”

You set down the note covered in tears.

And tie the rope around your neck.

You can’t believe after all these years.

You’ve waited so long to end this wreck.

You look out the window,

And up at the moon.

You smile with confidence.

Which is a possibility you never knew.

Congrats on reaching level depression.

Who knew it’d be such a hard one to beat.

Your chaos is now filled with cessation.

As, in the air, you take your final seat.

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