It took time for their levity to break down her walls.
She held them too close for comfort, no leisure at all.
She buried her face anytime someone asked.
The only way her drowning stayed masked.

At first she was distant, all due to her stealth.
But eventually she began to smile to herself.
The sun would beat down with luminous rays.
Minutes into hours, hours into days.

Time held no burden, no longer was she its pawn.
The sad, lonely girl she once knew was surely gone.
But deception is nothing if it isn't a fraud.
She fight it off till she ached as she clawed.

She began to look pale, lifeless and tired.
Time wove itself again as it had once transpired.
The shallow waves of emptiness rushed back through.
But the girl was ashamed; there was nothing she could do.

The wheel of life moves slowly, now as she reckons.
Minutes into hours, hours into seconds.
It took prolonged time for her to shatter her walls.
But as she built them back up, she knew they'd never fall.

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