Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland

Stepping into the world of a genius,
I taste his mad but clever mind as if it were tea.
Unraveling every secret kept from the world.
To be in his presence,breath taking,
I grow Curiouser and Curiouser.
I can't help but ask the one question that drives me Mad as a Hatter.
"Why is a raven like a writing desk"?
Who better to ask,than the one who wrote such a mind bending riddle?
In return of his answer,
I reveal to him;
his creation still lives on strong as if it were still 1865.
"Nonsense" my mind yells,
knowing I'll never be given the chance to meet him, Lewis Carroll.
Filled with inspiration,
I step out of reality;
I walk through the Looking Glass of my Wonderland.
Rules of reality not being followed,
for my world is filled with nonsense.
My world is my own,
where I can meet the man who taught me,
that being crazy does, indeed, have its benefits.
I smile as wide as the Cheshire.
I am not all here in the real world,
because I am constantly living in my own Wonderland.

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