Liar Liar

What's truth and honesty in an immoral world?
Where the girl loves a boy but he likes another girl...
We're selfish and greedy and worry about what's ours
We're the terrorists in a plane and our friends are the towers
We're forced to break down because we cannot break free
Due to all the hurt caused and kept internally
Too afraid to speak because judgement is fierce
The daggers of perception bleed you with each pierce
Everybody forgets that we're somewhat the same
We have different faces, voices; a different name
We FEAR rejection and hide in our own skin
But if we cower this way, how do we expect to win?
We want to be loved or find something sincere
But it seems impossible because of our lingering FEAR
Life itself IS a game but there's no such thing as"fair"
Generations can keep cheating and nobody will care
Because we've all found some way to see someone else's card
But there are still the unfortunate ones who are left to work hard
Nothing's ever straight forward, every meaning has a twist
You'll NEVER find honesty because it DOESN'T EXIST
I'm a liar, he's a cheater, she manipulates
In a world where I PRAY for peace, we all conquer with HATE
At one point or another, we all see through the fire
But we pretend it's okay, don't we? Liar Liar...
Chained by the silence that binds our truth
We know something's wrong but we INSIST on having proof
As every second passes, the clock hums a tune
The melancholy rhythm of our impending doom
The world will stand still and we'll watch everything die
And nothing will ever change because we'll continue to lie...

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