As the thorny vines that had me tangled up were torn,
I felt a single tear roll down my cheek
I tasted the salt as more of them began to flow.
As the weeds that crept up to destroy me were picked,
I felt my whole body become overtaken with sobs
I gasped for breath as I realized I was still alive.
As the branches that scratched and prodded were cut,
I felt a new power arise in me as I stood
I was able to stand on my own and escape.
As the feathers caressed me in a light embrace,
I felt my arms open up
I felt them ache as I reached them to the sky.
As the flower petals held and protected me,
I felt myself fall into comfort
I knew I was finally safe.
As the warmth of the sun shone and covered me in love,
I felt myself being renewed as I basked in the light
I was free.

The sun set and radiated its golden glow,
I stood as a symbol of strength
A masterpiece of resilience, liberated and reborn.

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