Although it wouldn't be wise, sometimes I want to shoot myself
Right between the eyes
I mean, how else can you get loose from the abuse of yourself?
Trust me I've tried
Mentally encaged consistently engaged with your own habitual thoughts
Im asking myself why
Im feeling restricted and enslaved with no way to make an escape
Im doing time, Confined behind preconceived notions in my mind
Physically in rage my ability to live in the moment was taken away
Far worse than any crime
You robbed me! robbed me of the present
Instead I opted for the collection of mental projections
My real eyes couldn't realize how this affected my present perception
I was living a real lie...You tricked me into hiding my affection
Told me this was for my own protection
You used my fears against me like a weapon
When I needed to greive you told me to move along
I hid my sensitivities because you forced me to be strong
Even convinced me to cheat when inside deep I felt it was wrong
But what you didn't tell me was that I alone
Would have to deal with the regret of a guilty plea
...No, this energy is revealing me...your one true enemy
You see awareness is the key
The pain and the strain that was once a chain on the phsych
Of your brain is now your motivation for change...and for that
You are finally free...from your ego

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