Liberation of being myself,
creativity, dance, expression,
no judgement,
no walls,
just freedom.
Freedom to be happy.
To express my emotions through art forms.
To be expressive, to not have fear, to not be judged.
Why are there walls?
Why do you want to limit us to be unexpressive?
Is life all work?
And no creation?
Creativity is our innerlove,
a love for who we are.
Let's dance, ballet, twinkle toes.
It's an art form,
be yourself,
you're creation.
Be silly,
enjoy it,
let your inner self flourish.
Techniques, learning curves, perfection,
Liberation of who you are.
No judgement,

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This Poems Story

A little something, something.. I learned in life. To not bother what others think and to be myself. And from that, I can find people that are just like me...Who dance as an expression. Artisits! Comfortable not uncomfortable. No judgement, freedom. Creation. Dance party! Or solo a la two. Or randomly on a rooftop or when no one's the forest, bust out some moves.