Licked by a Lesbian

By Jackamo   

Well I went down to Butch's
To get me a drink
She was alone at the bar
So I gave her a wink
Now even though she ignored me
I could see in her face
That it wouldn't be long
We'd be back at my place.
Now she wasn't too good lookin'
But then neither am I
So with nothin' to lose
Thought I'd give it a try
So I strolled on over
Said "Baby, what's your sign?"
She just said "STOP"
And took a sip of her wine.
I could see that my charm
Would get me no place
So I leaned in real close
And gave her a kiss on the face
Now her eyes finally met mine
And I'll never forget what she said
And I quote
"I can and will kick the shit out of you if you ever do that again"
Well I knew in my heart
She was just playing hard to get
But my very next move
I would live to regret
You see, I wrapped my arms around her
And I squeezed her real tight
The next thing I knew
Out went the lights
You see I was licked by a lesbian
That's right I was licked by a lesbian
You know I was licked by a lesbian
And I didn't get in no licks myself
Did I tell you how big she was?
Besides, the bitch sucker punched me.
I'm sure in a fair fight I could take her!
I think.

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This Poems Story

This is actually written as a song but works well as a poem too. The story is based very slightly on a true event, the "Quote" is verbatim though.