Licking Healer

I’m broken and hidden inside
I’m grieving I deal with my pride
I’m relieving others to go their ways
I’m just commanding for love to obey

I’m aching but I’m healing
I’m flying but depleting
I’m singing but lost in song
I’m gleaming yet don’t belong

So open me up
And perform what you can
I’m at your call and your waking demand
This yearning inside this beckoning call
This soulless demise this whispering fall

I’m shaking but strong with might
I’m hating but love with care
I’m awakened but hiding to fight
I’m erasing but drawing the lines

So come and scream into my lungs
Push around my mind and soften me up
Fight through my arms and drain from my cup
Pull out each bone and and loosen my tongue
For my minds made up.

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Tags : Love, freedom, healing
Key Words : Growth, Empathy, Strength, Resilience

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This Poems Story

This poem is about going through my soulful journey. My continual growth. Being present in the good and the bad moments of my life. To allow myself to just “feel” these emotions. But, coming out from the other side. Even though at the time, I felt these emotions or feelings would literally kill me, it didn’t.