You think you can judge me for my sins but look at yourself in the mirror and tell me...where were you when I was having the time of my life last night?
Were you a ghost of the past shining in like a light?
How about when I was lost and lonely at your bedside
where were you but in a bathroom stall giving yourself time to hide
Hypocrisy can only get so far ahead
Before you find yourself alone with a burden, heavy as lead
I don't claim that I'm perfect, I never said that I was
So you can't hold my imperfections against me like everyone else does
Sorry I lied and let you assume I wasn't damaged
To be fair, it's surprising how long that I managed
Keeping secrets isn't something I'm fond of
But when it's done to you so often, it's hard to tell yourself you're in love
Love is foolish and I am the fool on the hill
So you can return me my conscience along with a strong pill
Irony is so dislikable yet I can't help laugh as my lie is discovered
Perhaps it is a part of me once lost that I have newly recovered?
Or maybe I just lost all sense of right and wrong
While singing to myself the same old song
Oh, how I just loathe this feeling of despair
But it's come to me so naturally, it's as if it was air
Filling my lungs like cyanide gas
I catch myself wondering if the feeling will last
Should I be dreading this masochistic addiction of mine?
Creeping ever so slowly up and down my spine
No, I think I will pass on taking the easy way out
This is something I simply can't do nothing about
So I'll do what I have too even if you do cry
And I'll tell myself softly, "never again will I lie."

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