Lies like
Long lashes masked by the somber doom of mascara.
A face caked with the icing of foundation, and blush.
Tints of afflicted eyeshadow swept upon the eyelids,
And a face unidentified.
Masked to hide all the heavy terror.

Lips are adorn with the most vibrant coat of charcoal.
While skin blurs to the touch.
All confidence wavering into anguish.
Eyes that once smiled, turn down in despair.
Everything that once mattered shatters.

Love is ripped right from the heart.
The stench is masked, for nothing remains
As the tip of the sword burrows through.
And the bites as painful as torture.
They are misgivings, that end as torment.
Made up by the inventor who whispered it.

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This Poems Story

this is about how lies tell a story. I try to tell people though my lyrics and quotes and poems about how much lies hurt and how they tell a story. Its like living in a emotional earthquake.