Lies Find Friends

By Lola   

You say hello when you really mean pain.
I try to say goodbye.
But I'm still stuck in the blood fueled rain.
I'm scared to let go.
To tell you, "No means no."

So I stay with open arms.
Even though you'll leave scars.
You lead me to harm.
How did I let myself get this far?

I try to stand tall anyways.
And say, "No."
But you laugh in my face.
As if it's a show.

I try to break free, to go home.
But you manipulate me and lie.
Telling me it's a trap, that I'll be left to roam.
Why can't I say goodbye?

I can't tell anymore.
What is reality?

Does it matter?
Or will I always be yours?

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Tags : Friendship, lies, betrayal
Key Words : Broken, friends

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This Poems Story

A friend of mine built a wedge between me and my family.