Lies Kill

Lying it's a dangerous game. That all people play. The person You killed. Will come back and kill you. With one lie comes another the next thing you know Your life is under the cover. Everything you say we'll come back and serve you. A platter of reality it might seem harsh but you made this happen. By lying for your friend you covered up a murder with all these lies you keep bottled. Pressure in your bottle will pop cuz it comes back. I'm telling you from experience. Suicide comes from lying cuz you Won't be honest with yourself. You can't trust anyone. When they ask if you're okay. You lie and say I'm fine. You go home your mom asks. What are you doing? You say homework, but that's a lie. You pick up your father gun and hold it to your head. And pop goes off the world is cold. And still cuz these lies came back killed you for good. Yeah It's tragic. But you planted your funeral. Imagine if you would have been honest. You know people lie to each other. But I think the real person they lie to is themselves.

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