Lies Like Fruit

Red apples, pink lady apples, green apples

All so juicy

Until you find the worm

But sometimes the worm

Is just a warning

The reddest apple can be as sour

As a green

A green can be sweeter than

That shiny red one there

Appearances never matter with fruit

Because some lies

Can be as sweet as a fruit

But sometimes that fruit

Is rotten

And the worm is just a warning

Telling you to put that apple down

You don’t need it

But sometimes you try eat around the worm

Someone needs to break it to you

That lies are like fruit

Deceiving on all sides

You can’t trust one side

When the other’s gone bad

Just because it looks sweet

Doesn’t mean it’s not sour

And sometimes

Just sometimes,

A green one will look bad

Just have a good core

But don’t expect that

To happen

You’re more likely to

Make friends with that warning worm

Because at least the worm let you know

What was inside

The green kept it’s secrets safe

And the red lied

The fruit flies are everywhere

Because some lies

Are sweeter than the fruit

Lies are like fruit

You got to poke them

Feel them

To see if their good

Or just gossip

Or if they got a bad core

You can’t save a fruit if it’s core is already

Gone bad

You can’t feed it lies

And trust it’ll grow new

An apple gone is an apple gone

Let it go

Otherwise you’ll be

Planting seeds

Seeds with lies inside

And those seeds

Are worse than the fruit

Because the fruit doesn’t multiply

Unlike the seeds

That spread more


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