Lies of Breaking Hearts

I'm hanging onto words,
Words that were lies. and lies have no substance or meaning,
And that's why I am sad.

The words I built the foundation of my feelings on
were nothing but meaningless words, and meaningless moments.
And that why's I'm sad.

For you see, the realization that a moment of significance
in your life was actually nothing,
makes for a completely different type of significant moment.
And that's why I'm sad

This new significant moment is the time
you finally learn that no matter how much you care,
Some people are just assholes.
And moments you once thought were special,
Were just,Nothing.
And that's why I'm sad.

For you see, I am human
And it doesn't matter if I
know you for five minutes, days, weeks, or years,
If you are a person who builds
trust and a future with your words, and they are lies,
You will break hearts.
And that my friends, is a reason to be sad.

For them.

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