Pain is a constant
it lives in my conscious
it lets me know I'm alive
lets me know i can die

trying to run away
from all this stress
im going crazy
as i digress
i recess
back into my mind
i must confess
that i can't find
I've lost it
what brings me back
are the things i feel
not just that
but wounds that take time to heal
it brings me back to reality
when i thought i lost my sanity
it brings me back
this beautiful pain
but it isn't beautiful for what you think
that hurt lets me again
something i can't quite explain

I'm a battery
and pain is my juice
I savory the energy
and just let loose
let loose because I have nothing left to lose
but what scares me the most
aren't the nightmares or ghost
but that I'll lose who i am
and never remember again

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