Entangled ties tie hands to land
And expand through roots to move heaven's clans
Where the grand stars give the planet's moons gloom
When the rays reach the spaces nights faces loom

Sooner than expected revelations transcend
Through luminous connections binding heaven to men
At first sight it seems a cycle, but a ring is too plain
To explain how souls are strung together by spiritual veins

From light breathes life, while life's breaths possess light
To reveal the insight that gives sight to wise eyes on trife nights
Righteousness is the personification of truth
The same the uptights put to the shallow loops of the gallows' noose

Innocence fades as blades withdrew from the wounds
And was left to death's groom to consume in the womb
This is the mysticism missed by those who speak but can't see
That the life moving through you is the light radiating through me

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