I know that i'm not perfect because my whole life is a flaw
if only one day everyone would open there eyes and she that everyone is in a disguise
You can see the disappointment you can see the disgrace when i look at other people
I know that i was misplaced. You guys sit there and laugh joke about me or the way i look and draw tell me i'm stupid and ugly say things that i never said and isn’t true
Just like the dreams i have when i'm on stage and everyone boo’s
I look at everyone and think what has happened to this generation
We all are acting as if we are as dumb as a rock does anyone know how much words hurt
You say something and laugh as if you have nor care in the world while the other person sits there and crys weeping about the world wondering what they did to deserve this was it just not meant to be no one notices how big of a problem they had till they end something so precious yet delicate like a fresh bloomed rose no one knows how much it rips a person soul and heart out to say just a simple word as ugly or stupid it's like throwing them in a pit of fire it may not bother them now or not a day after but when the years come shall they remember all those words that hurt them inside maybe it will push them so far over the edge that they will just wanna die. Words are like a never ending black holes they just keep comming and comming and nor does anyone care everyone either sits there or stops and stares no one has the guts to stand up what's right everyone sits there like a dead fish not giving a care in the world while whoever is hurting that person lets see remember that girl you called ugly she tries to make herself look pretty everyday she tries so hard because yes she cares what you think the boy you called gay so what he is happy as can be so you should just back off and leave him be things happen to people everyday of their life there is no control over it i guess that's what they call destiny maybe it's good or bad but just remember no one is alone we all are a family and we all stick together yes there are people that push and shove you around only because they are jealous and never can be as cool as can be but when they look at you they are so hurt on the inside they take it out on you only because they are too stupid like when a cow does not moo. People always die because either it was there time or as they thought people leave people stay but the people that stay are the ones that care and are the ones that share a special bond as some people may say at the stars yes they are far but no matter what you are who you are don’t care what people think everyone else around you is sinking while you are floating you are the king of yourself so don’t let anyone dethrone you!

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