Life is a scary place to be,
we're constantly told and programed by society,
but I just wanna be me.
A person who is far from perfect in every different way,
struggling to find my place each and every day.
Life wants us to believe that beautiful is skinny, rich, and hot.
All of these are something I am not.
You see beautiful is excepting & loving who you are,
not by the size of your bank account and the look of your car.
Life is a place where we learn who we are & take God's big test.
Not trying to be rich and famous to figure out who is the best.
Life is where we except and appreciate all that God has done.
He has forgiven our evil ways and gave up His one & only Son.
So when you kneel to pray to God up above,
thank Him for trading His Son for our sins,
and ask Him to fill you with love.
In Heaven we all will be equal and rich at the end of the day.
So don't judge and be yourself is all I need to say.

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