weiry and timid because of the heat
In last minute situations we seem to be defeated
but still we arise above all the crime
above our pride,and other people lies
we reign over the brightest minds
and soar over the hardest times
so behind the lines and doors,we cry
shout and then another day lived
as tomorrow not promised, today is still in session
make the most of today's story and a cheer for the story
I managed to pass inspite of my fear
I used to be cry, but now I smile
our hopes and dreams must take a mark
it's a seed to grow to harvest our blesings
the ups and the downs , its taken with struggle
to get back on your feet, what makes you a winner
a loss is aloss if you never gave effort
a chose of your pick, a token of faith
the difficult times, it created my style
in character and law, it made me a man
I'll never take back the good and the bad
a changed that's been made,I'd never mistake
a race to the finish you all by yourself
im pacing myself to stay up on my feet
cheating, no way, im taking no corners
I'd rather see life and get to my prize

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