Why would you consider to believe the unbeleivable
Fully Gods gift amounted to our minds is inconceivable
By humans we often woner
what fills the whole inside your heart
by testing trial and error
over and over again we try
I can tell you from experience
We must look up to the sky
Ultimate love for every single soul
is awaiting all around you.
I believe the reason everyone is so miserable
is because they dont see the light
and close their eyes to God's miracles
learning experiences from hardtimes
open your mind and let your light shine
realizations are shed
by the way the truth and the light
if we should allow those insights to change us
Follow them and to not be afraid
Never look back from your life's forward path
like an arrow being shot forward
from that path don't u stray
Then no doubt this world would be a different place.

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