i am forever trapped in the storm of iniquity
lightning flashes
thunder ulvulates
wind wraps around my body like a whip
rain splashes against my face
my heart pulsaes with every lasting second
rattled, battered, and deranged with fright
my mind gyre in circles
i observe the treacherouse act before my eyes
A hit in the face, a kick in the leg
this fight for love, happiness, or freedom
whatever you're fighting for
soon becomes bloody
a scar on your cheek, a bruise on your arm
the only physical sign of your critical battle
when all is said
when all is done
the battle is won
you may go and live with what you've won
for you may still have that scar or bruise
that is the only concequence of your battle
the victom scared, tough, and brave
remains in the eyes of every living and dead beings
the suspect cruel, creepy, and unjust
the endless cycle of life

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