Racing memories from the past,
of all the friendships that would never last.
Time passes away like the friends and family of yesterday,
and in this time and day I don't know the right words to say.
I look out the window and watch the world pass me by,
will there be a day when I can go out and meet it and not be so shy.
So as I sit here alone and lonely,
I hope some day I'll find my one and only.
It's hard to live without ever knowing true love,
but I'll always have the good Lord above.
People stop and stare because I'm overweight,
but I know only I, can change my fate.
Sure I've had my troubles that put me to shame,
but it's what we learn from them that help us live up to our name.
And one day when I die whether it be by old age, gun, or by knife,
As I kneel before God, I hope I can tell him, I truly lived my LIFE.

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