Life’s been a circle
That has no end
If it were a line
I would fear the edge

I want it to continue
But sometimes wish it could stop

I cry myself to sleep
Cause I’m scared of what Will happen
once I whiten & go numb

Will anyone remember me
Or will I just be gone

Will anyone miss me
Or was it just fake love

Will anyone regret it
Cause it was their fault

They push me to be better
But I just fall off

Off the cliff

Off the mountain

Without even a talk

Don’t know who to trust
Only know how to fall

The loyalty they claimed
was just the pain they engraved

So stop all the fakeness
And visit me in my grave

Send me six feet deep
Maybe that’ll make me whole again

Maybe what I missed was being in the sky
Maybe what I miss was not living a lie

Maybe what they wish is to see me die
Or maybe what they see is the pain in my eyes

- by Emely Garcia

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This poem has a trigger warning since it has to do with suicide.