This journey of life has made life off itself
Daily chocking to embark on Temple Run
Running it with no mind of Joseph
And it clothes the young with gun

Life himself works hard
So he works but eats the crumbs
With all the resources he's made
The head eats all with no remains

What a devastating lifestyle!

Come oh come
He's come to make his usual sacrifices
Pocketing all of life income
One that should have been sent off this place

Of what use is a head full of greed?

Go your way
For our brother is no need of you
Things have been out of way
That he dares not pay even lesser due

Sweating out blood
Making out cries of blood
We say be far from our man worker of iniquity.

©?olorunleke olorode

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This Poems Story

For better understanding of this piece. The poet is creating the image of Nigerians and government. Life represents the citizens while the head represents the government officials. The first stanza talks about the unrelenting ways Nigerians find means of livelihood but the youths being given guns. The second stanza talks about how hardworking Nigerians are despite the fact that we have resources but eat crumbs. The government officials don\'t help matters by emblezzling all. The third stanza talks of how these politicians come to give Nigerians gifts at the period of election with the mind to come back to embezzle public funds the more. The last line of the stanza is saying these are the people that should have been \'banished\' from the society. The last two stanzas revealed that the poet is making an outcry that bad leadership should be out of place cos Nigerians are hungry.