Life is something we are born into
Its something that we all have to go through
But we don't live it how we are supposed to
We do things the way others do

We follow instead of lead
We watch, rinse, and repeat
We don't understand the need
To live the way its meant to be

So then we get laughed at
Laughed at the concept of wearing a dunce cap
We set goals but then we drop that
Only because we are busy staring at

People who have it all
To be like them but that makes us small
We then get stuck behind the wall
A wall that makes our life stall

Because we can't be like them
We set our life simply on whims

But we need to aim higher
Instead of being controlled by the metaphorical piper

Take our life by the reins
And guide it toward our true dreams
To become what we are meant to be
In this messed up thing we call Life

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