Taken for granted
many mishandle it
was given in one breath
Its put to the test
we forget how important it is, until ones loved one is laid to rest
Who are you to take ones life?
why does this world have to be filled with so much strife?
Born into sin with the devil is where it all began
God gave us power to remove anything that devours
so I'm telling you right now
Telling you right here
listen my people, you are all my people
no color, blind to no color
were all created by one
But so many separated and hated
Wake Up!
This world isn't a game
this life isn't all glamour and fame
people dying, people crying
hunger is just one of the struggles
Times are hard so many caught up in so much trouble
Can you find one that is humble?
some lost with no direction, they forget that God is there connection
This thing called sin is one of life bad infections
The poor make the rich, rich while the poor stay poor
But through God they endure
its easier for them to get into heaven, its there's and so much more
Who are you to judge?
keep on holding that grudge
God is the final judge
Don't live your life in dispense through Jesus blood we where cleansed
the path we take there's no retake
be careful of those snakes, they sit and wait
wait for you to make a mistake
I can go on and on
But like God said let them keep on
Matthew 10:34
Don't suppose i come to bring peace but a sword
this is just a warning keep on with your ways
Hell is real it hungers for your soul
The devil seeks out, plots and has only but one goal
So I'm telling you right now
Telling you right here
Listen my people, you are all my people
time is borrowed, here for a season
time doesn't care what you have are what you wear it has not a care
Like a candle once lit once its out its out without a doubt
Just live your life the way God intended so you can have life extended
I'm not here to point fingers
I'm God's poet, haven't you noticed
I'm devoted

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