There is a home where you can feel, see, trust, believe, breathe, only a place you can find. such a place where your heart will forever beat. as long as you be patient you will find it.

your soul - to truly find yourself is to be patient & to love one another & to connect with beings, humans, animals, & earth, everything around you is alive.

you just have to open your eyes. To have laughter, smiles, to just be. your soul is everything. it is what you feel, what you believe in. we shed our life when we die but our hearts will always beat as long as we love one another. i think that is the reason of life. to not actually see what is real but to feel what is real in this life we have. we do see with our eyes. we do trust with our family & friends. we do believe what we have. we breathe the very air on this earth. but i honestly believe that is only 45% of what is actually real. we find through death, or such hard times our true selves. if life was just a path of nothing, of " normal " how would we have learned anything? if life was just a straight road with no pit stops on the way we wouldn't have learned who we are, what we are. our being, our human life is such a tragic road but a true and honest part of what we are. & i think that is better than the straight road. we need to turn left & right in life. We are on a journey of self being, we are on a journey of knowing what lies ahead and what lays in the past. its not about what type of person we can be. its about what type of human self we ARE. don't think of life how it CAN be. just know to be yourself. live life with it just being what it IS. let life be life. but along the way home, find your true self with knowledge & self respect & respect for others. so that we can grow. let us leave behind our pasts & let our futures be laid out for us but we must always keep on walking, even if it is treading water or walking to hell & back. We grow from that & we see what is in life. we respect who is dead because they have had there chance to keep breathing & to keep there hearts beating. To have your strength is everything. literally your strength and love is everything that you can have. love comes from the heart of our soul. we love with the eyes and the mind we were given. Yeah, we talk with our mouths of words, but we feel what is real within our selves. we talk of love with our soul, our actual being of who we really are. don't be fake, don't be something your not. the true self. knowing what you have done in this life is everything. Each little thing anyone does in life effects everyone. it is a line of peace that has been broken since day 1. if you treat someone with respect & love you will get it back. someone will see you have done so, you will have that inner peace of doing something right. Our home is not of clouds & living up in high sky, our home is our soul. our hearts will always beat as long as we cherish the life we were given. cherish your friends & family. and always, cherish your mind & heart & soul"

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